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Repeater Usage

The W6HA repeater is an "open" repeater. What that means is that any licensed ham may use the repeater at any time. There are certain courtesies that should be acknowleged, however. When using a repeater, the first thing that should be ascertained is wether or not the repeater is in use. There are a lot of reasons that someone might be using the repeater, they might just be having a conversation with someone else or a small group of people. They might be involved with a "net" that involves a group of an "official" ham radio organization. One of these official nets is the Wednesday night meeting at 7:30. This meeting is primarily for club members but anyone may "join" in the conversation. This time is set aside so that club members may test out their radio equipment to ensure it's proper operation, for example.

Another "official" group that meets is the Raytheon Emergency Communications Net which meets at 12:05 p.m. on most Thursdays.

What is a repeater?

A repeater is a special type of radio system that allows low to medium power transceivers to reach a much larger area than would otherwise possible.

If a radio amateur (ham) wishes to talk to another ham via radio, one would normally utilize a previously agreed upon simplex frequency. The ham would call the other ham using the rules of amateur radio. This works well using a handi-talkie or possibly a mobile radio and the distance between the two radio operators is relatively small. But what if the operators are more than a few miles away? How do we get the radios to communicate?

The solution to this problem is a device called a repeater.

W6HA Repeater High Above Los Angeles International Airport

Map Location of Repeater

Here is a picture of our Repeater

DR-2X Repeater

Repeater Technical Information

445.620 MHz- PL 127.3
Wires-X Room: 40909; Node: 30909

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